Tailor Built Homes is Going Green – Introducing the Zip System

Tailor Built Homes is going green! If you have driven past our Fruitwood Heights location in South Jordan or Midas Court in Riverton, you may have noticed our stunning homes – with very green exteriors. Along with our raised heel truss framing, efficient furnace and water heaters and R50 insulation that is included in all of our houses, we have introduced Zip System. An insulated sheathing option with a unique green color, Zip System makes homes air tight and energy efficient. Don’t worry, we do cover up the sheathing with our standard exterior finishes, including stone, siding and stucco.


Zip System combines protection as well as air, water and thermal management. The system is applied to the outside of the wall framing during construction, and acts as a sealed wrap for your home. The sheathing is made from a strong, resinous overlay and utilizes a special tape to seal the panels that offers long-term flexibility as well as adhesion. There are many short-term and long-term benefits to installing the Zip System on your new Utah home, including energy efficiency, monthly savings on utility bills and faster build times.


Efficiency is improved in several ways with Zip System. One main way is through increasing the air tightness of the structure. The sheathing panels combined with the specially designed insulating tape greatly reduce airflow. Due to this layout, the panels stay flat and are completely sealed, avoiding a shingle effect where panels are stacked or overlapping, leaving space for air to get through. Blow tests can be done to determine the increased air tightness and efficiency.


Zip System also improves efficiency with the waterproofing effect of the structural insulated panels. Traditionally, once a house is framed and the plywood or OSB is installed for the roof, it will take a day or more for the roofers to come lay their paper for temporary weather and waterproofing. With Zip System, the roof is decked and taped on the same day, without having to wait with an exposed house. This allows the house to dry early in the framing process, which will keep you within time frames and budget.


Don’t forget the cost savings you will gain from utility related efficiencies, on top of the time efficiency of building with the easy and straightforward installation of Zip System. Traditional systems commonly require two or more trips around the house when laying panels and securing them. With Zip System, only one lap is required, greatly reducing the time and effort required to install.


In our efforts to create for our clients a stronger, more efficient home, Tailor Built Homes is now offering Zip System. We are dedicated to using elements in our design and build process that add efficiency, protection and comfort to you, the home owner. Green living is about more than just saving money on utilities, it is a way of life that we support and practice.